Saturday, June 21, 2008

japan pics part 2

more pictures from our japan trip,,,i can hardly look at them though for fear of crying,,,i miss it soooo badly,,,,the bullet train was really crazy and FAST!!!!!,,,mangosteens are the best fruit ever,,,the 5th flavor!!!!!!!!!!! hung over ugly pose,,,some of mika miko with jane and morgen who came along with us and made the trip even more of a blast,,,awesome tshirt etc,,,more to come

Thursday, June 19, 2008

japan pic part 1

sorry havent been blogging,,,but here are pics from our awesome japan trip,,,thanks to koki,hiro,hama,kana and to all the other people that we awesome to us and especially deerhoof, xiu xiu, and mika miko,,,maggie, portia, slim,,,morgen,,jane,,and THE,,,of,,,,tako balls,,,vending machines,,,rockabilly dancer in harajuku ,,,the best drink ever etc

Friday, June 13, 2008

car that runs on water

ok,, im in japan right now and its fucking amazing,,,,i woke up an hour ago to a 5.6 earthquake and a news story that in osaka, they have made a car that runs on water....i might not come back,,,the people here are so nice its amazing,,,,,,,,pics coming soon,,,,(sorry to the 6 people who read my blog,,,havent blogged in a while)