Tuesday, April 21, 2009

this song has been in my head for a 2 months,,warning,, worst song ever i promise

my friend thought it would be funny to play this at his open casket funeral when he dies ( he is ok) but its been in my head for 2 fucking months,,, fuck you jo va

panther in russia

for those of you who speak the language

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 12, 2009


we played neumos last night and man, everytime we play seattle there is some fucking bullshit going on,, we showed up 3 hours early and were denied a soundcheck,, when we started playing, people in the audience were screaming turn up the vox,, so when i asked the sound guy he says" maybe if you had a gain on your delay we could do that" nastily...i then told him i have never had a problem,,not a neumos before or anywhere else, and why then were my vocals blasting through the monitor?, so we cut our set short,,, THEN at the end of the night they try to rip us off 100 dollars, while the owner walks by with 2 girls do do coke in the bathroom and who knows else,,,stay classy seattle!!! ,, its too bad, because we have a lot of under age fans , and our seattle fans rule,, is there an alternative?? seattle rock scene is still stuck in the 90;s pay your dues, who are you? kind of mentality,, thats why a lot of portland bands hate going there,,,, any thoughts?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


ok, moscow and st petersburg ruled it,,,the shows were so so great, and everyone we met was incredible!!!!!!! super super thanks to stephan, egor, kate and xenia for taking care of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

europe tour pic pt 4

ich haben iene stender for our super rad friends martin and chris who drove us and took care of us like infants during our month in europe,,,the shows were so so rad , thanks to all our new friends wtf!!!! xox

random tour pics 3

random tour pics part 2