Thursday, December 20, 2007

top ten list

i dont know why people have to do a top ten list,,, all the big blogs seemed to copy and paste each others top tens,, and its truly predictable,,,, im going to list mine for the 12 people that read my blog,, and for the 2 that give a shit what i think( i wouldnt give a shit about my top ten list)..ok here they are:

1.abeit a liar
2.strange leather
3.alluring phone call
4.paper scissors murder
5.the contraptions
7.rumour control
8.manifest pretzel
9.romantic burgler heavy waiter

yes, i know,,i go deep into the underground

2006 here we come


Andy said...

u stole my list , fukk bag!

Andy said...

whudabout sweed lids?

mht said...

way too deep for me

E*Rock said...

i can't believe romantic burglar is so low on your list!