Tuesday, February 5, 2008

R.N interview with Carmen Electra

r.n.. hi carmen, how are you today

c.e....im great!! im really a huge fan of your blog!!

r.n...thanks!! ok first question,,so what was it like living with prince?

c.e...it was interesting, no one knows this, but he was obsessed with looking like a goat

r.n ...really?

c.e.....yes, he was basically trying to make all of his dance moves look like a prancing goat

r.n....oh yeah,,,i can totally see that...fun!

c.e.....yeah,,, kind of,,,except he was also obsessed with pizza pockets, and thats all we were allowed to eat

r.n...hmm, and he has such great skin

c.e...oh, no,, thats not his skin,, he bought it from an agency

r.n,,,an agency?

c.e...yeah, when you have his kind of money, you can buy new skin,,he bought it from an agency that sells skin of young people who are recently deceased


second part of the interview tomorrow!!!,,cant wait!!!


benjamin said...

did you interview her via ichat?

lips and ribs said...

who wouldn't want to look like a goat?

maggie said...

where's the follow up? I have been dying to know all day: did prince make her wear make up to bed?!?!