Saturday, April 19, 2008

BE VAN!!!!!!!!!!!

ok, ok, ok,,,so i have been kind of broke so i havent been going to BE VAN,,,went there today and no one was there!!!! wtf!!!! if you know anything about vietnamese sandwiches,,this is it,,, this place is the best i have ever had in all of the u.s,,,i know i have posted about this place before,,, but im terrified it will close,,,please go ,,,,ITS ON 68TH AND SANDY BLVD,,,,the sandwiches are onl $2.50,,,and i saw a guy win $250,000 there at the lottery thing,,,,,,,,man


Photos By Nathan Backous said...

Do you know if they have a vegan option?

rhinestone neckbrace said...

they do, if you ask for no mayo,,,,,but it still would be amazing without!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha... i ate some sandwiches at fu bonn today and then remembered that you were talking about this place... maybe next time? i can't help it, fu bonn was so close and i was hungrrrrrry