Tuesday, July 1, 2008

la, sf, oakland

our trip to sanfran l.a and oakland was a blast,,,the infamous dav h,,pictured above came with us and made the hijinx factor even higher,,it was our first time at bottom of the hill and it was a blast,,, the oakland show was one of the best times we have had,,,,the show started with us having to cut the lock of the gallery, casy and brian and tempo no tempo were fantastic,,the folks from terrobird are the raddest,,everyone was in a great mood and spastic,,at the end there was a fireworks war!! oh l.a is always weird,,,when we played it was like we started a fire,,,half the crowd could not get out the door fast enough,,,,which is always kind of cool,,,we are very polarizing, but it was tilla good show,, the 70 people who stayed were into it,,,p.s...i have to get a better camera right?

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