Wednesday, December 10, 2008

where do i eat mexican food in portland!!!

ok, why is it that portland has no good bagels and mexican? the places i used to go dont seem to be good anymore,, la bonita went down the tubes,, i tried porque no twice now and the food is so salty and mediocre,,, santa cruz seemed good but far,,,we need the oakland taco trucks please


una said...

everyday @ 11:30 28th & ankeny construction site
truck from hillsboro

October 24, 2007
Tiendas, Carnicerías and Taquerías: Where to get the goods in Woodburn

Contrary to its name, which literally means “end of the week meat market,” Fin de Semana is open all week long. There are many cuts for carne asada, or grilling. It’s hard to miss the razor-thin cross-section of beef chuck that’s the size of a throw pillow. Pig’s feet are cut crosswise in three places, but not all the way through, so cooks can snap off a piece at a time. The butchers are solicitous.
Details: 533 N. Front Street, Woodburn, OR 97071 |

As the first Hispanic business in Woodburn, Mexico Lindo has been open for more than 30 years. Even so, its tacos retain the kind of casual perfection found more typically at taco carts—the tortillas are tender, the meat is savory, and a line of chopped onion, lime and cilantro runs down the middle. Menudo is served on weekends.
Details: 430 N. First Street, Woodburn, OR 97071 | 503-982-1832

Shop here for everything from Mexican cheeses and house-made jerky to minutes-old chicharrónes and churros. Soft drinks in glass bottles are imported from Mexico, where they are made with cane sugar, not corn syrup. The selection of salsas may lure you to return as much as its carnitas and huaraches.
Details: 405 N. First Street, Woodburn, OR 97071 | 503-982-4513

mht said...

field trip to woodburn? too bad we both hate driving..maybe we can take mr.nice guy or max.