Thursday, January 29, 2009

record shopping in italy, florence, best record shop,,prog meltdown,, limited edition dario argento box set,& osana

after doing some research on record stores, we found that the best record stores in italy were in florence,, this place ruled!!,,i was specifically looking for italian prog,,was a little bummed that most stuff i looked at was around 150 euro,, but when the record store gentleman saw me with the suspiria soundtrack, he showed me the DARIO ARGENTO COMPLETE SOUNDTRACKS LIMITED EDITION 250 BOX set, i had to,,,also maggie pointed out some reissues, also i bought an OSANA record,, props to JAY AND MARYAM for turning me on ,,,regretting not buying METAMORPHASIS as the record clerk suggested,,, next time,,,,i am fully into prog again,,italian stlye

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lips and ribs said...

dude, i bought an amazing osana lp in japan where i fucking left it at the club b/c i was too busy barfing in the van... bummed. crazy score on the argento box set... yes, you had too.