Thursday, September 6, 2007

day 1,, birrmingham

we arrived at the gatwick airport and got picked up by gossip, crew etc..everyone was asleep,, we saw the bus coming from a million miles away,,17 people on board or so 17 bunks!!! more pics of bus soon

ok..we ate at an italian place called "ask",,,,what the fuck, why the fuck would you name your place ask,,,it was kind of "fancy",,,the food was terrible,,joe ordered a pizza with tuna,,, i was like" you know it will be canned tuna,,right?" was


Anonymous said...

everybody is trying to ruin pizza ever since 9/11 and it's pissing me off! i got some junk mail yesterday for an orea cookie desert pizza.

Ingrid said...

I bet the pizza cost like 15 pounds or $30.00!!!!!!!