Saturday, September 8, 2007

day 2 birmingham

this is the place we played in b.ham,, i already forgot the name,,, super fun show,,, i think there were close to 3 thousand people,, yeah,, gossip are big,, i got really nervous, but the crowd was really great

this is a really shitty pic i took of gossip blowing peoples minds during a rendition of "careless whisper",,,,i feel that,,, i have been the receiving end of numerous careless whisperz


Anonymous said...

if last night wasnt perfect enough you've uploaded this picture!!
i am the girl in the blue top on the very front row. being strangled by my friends.
you guys were awsome last night! no joke! really got us going before the gossip came on. thank you

Anonymous said...

I was there!!
Birmingham Academy mate!!!

Me + my friend are at the left hand side with our arms up!!
We loved you guys, shame the crowd weren't more fun!!
We seemed to be the only people getting into it!! You looked at us a few times :]

Come back soon!
Love You.

Speedway said...
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andrew said...

you were awesome.
whats even awesome is that you got a picture of me and my friends, and even though it wasn't, it looks like it was just about us.

i love you.