Wednesday, October 31, 2007

dads with nice guitars that dont play them

i want a really nice telecaster, but i cant afford one..i noticed that i dont know anyone with a really nice guitar, and i was thinking its all the weird old yuppie dads who dont play much music and who let these guitars collect dust who have them....bummer for the people who play,,, if you are a wife, brother or sister to one of these people and want to go in that room or attic and give/ sell me this guitar i would play the SHIT out of it,,,, thanks


jacpot said... friend ryan has a gorgeous (and gorgeous-sounding) telecaster. he bought it when we were dating and one time he stopped us in the middle of having sex because he heard a strange noise downstairs and had to go "check on the guitar." he's lucky i was in love with him.

Andy said... can have one of my lame dad guitars if i can go to australia and where the fuck else you get to rub yr balls out on hansy.

actually, my telecaster is a lame mexican. you wouldn't want it. maybe i'll make you one.

come visit me and i'll give you a gtr.

robert said...

yes..all i want for christmas is a mint leica m3 or m4
camera. A superb lens to go with ie. the 35mm f2 summicron with 8 elements first version will burn holes in anyones pockets.

anyways collectors are usually the folks that posess these. What a shame they were designed to be played.