Thursday, October 4, 2007

pump up the jam

when i was in the planet the, on tour we fell in love with this song,,in our van we had this giant kicker box that was super loud and could be heard loudly from the sidewalk , especially when the doors were open,, when were in nyc on tour, we would pull up to fancy bars uptown where rich mid 30's drunk hipsters were hanging out and start the song and jump out of the van and start dancing at them for about a minute and then jump back in and take off,,,,this provided for hours of entertainment,,, one thing we noticed ws that people thought we were filming for mtv or some show,,, the ladies always thought it wass fun,, the guys would act super confused then realised how scummy we were and then puffed up and came toward us,,, thats usually when were out PEACE


Andy said...

i always thought this song was insulting to me.

E*Rock said...

hey is this a new MIA video?

Jared said...

it pisses me off sometimes to see shit like this and then realize that we only get to kick it like once every six months